ASSORTED Buckwheat Snack Packs. 6 Packets. Grab-and-go!

$7.50 AUD $11.94 AUD

If you are one of those busy people 🤯 or a busy mum🤱, you will want this!
Something different from your regular protein bars, bliss balls, chips, and nut mixes! It is the best SUGAR FREE snack on the go!

Make your life easier and healthier with NEW buckwheat snack packs ready to go whenever you need them!

✔Gluten Free👌
✔Sugar Free
✔Vegan Friendly🌱
✔100% Natural🍃
✔It's a Seed, Not a Grain😳
✔Air Popped, Not Fried💡
✔No Added Yeast, Starches, Gums😳
✔No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives🤩
✔Great Pantry Staple with a Long Shelf Life💕
✔Made with Wholesome Organic Buckwheat‼
✔Ideal for a Healthy Meal or Snack🥪
✔Tasty, Easy & Affordable💸
✔Kids Love Them🤸‍♂️
✔Only 27 Calories per slice🙆‍♀️


Buckwheat Snack Packs contain 4 cakes and are so easy to grab-and-go or pack with kids' lunches! 

Get your weeks' worth of snacks sorted!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Raelene Monkley
Great taste loved the varieties

The are great for a quick lunch or to take with me for a snack

Robynne Robinson
Wow! What a surprise.

We love these. I really didn’t expect to because I’m not a fan of rice cakes. The gingerbread spread it amazing. Reminds me of Biscoff but with a little bit of a kick at the end. They really are really satisfying without being heavy. A great find. Also arrived fairly quickly ( despite postal delays) and we’ll packaged.

Adeline Rose
Buckwheat snack packs

I like the buckwheat snack packs, very handy, and the actual buckwheat cakes are great tasting. thankyou

Tracy Walters
Buckwheat Snack Packs

Fantastic individual packets!
Taste great, ideal for taking to work or keep in the car to snack on!

Cathy Stubbs
Healthy snacks

I’m very happy with the snack packs . I pack makes a healthy lunch with Avocado. Or your lemon spread . If not lunch afternoon tea with a cup of Tea. They go great with a little butter and a cup of homemade soup 🙏🙏👏🏻👏🏻💐💐

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