Your Time-Saving Buckwheat Cake Topping Shopping List



Do you ever find yourself stuck for breakfast and lunch ideas? 

Do you end up grocery shopping more frequently than you'd like? 

Struggling to come up with delicious Buckwheat Cake topping ideas? 

We've all been there... 
Meet Diana, the creator of Buckwheat Cakes, whose love for "Lists" is almost as strong as her love for her cakes. She has one for nearly everything. 

She's crafted a list that'll save you time and meal prep stress!
During your weekly shopping trip, simply grab 2-3 items from each column.

Feel free to mix and match them as you desire for your Buckwheat Cake toppings

Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different combinations!

You are welcome to download this time saving LIST.


You can download it on your phone or simply print it.

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