6 x Buckwheat Cakes ORIGINAL Snack Packs (Australian made, Gluten & Grain Free)


Only 4 pieces in stock!

These 6 packets will get you through the week without any trouble!

If you are one of those busy people or a busy mum, you will want this!
Something different from your regular protein bars, bliss balls, chips, and nut mixes! It is the best sugar-free, nut-free, gluten & grain-free, snack on the go. 

Each Buckwheat Snack Pack contains 4 cakes that are so easy to grab-and-go or pack with kids' lunches!

2 INGREDIENTS: Organic Buckwheat, Sea Salt. (Gluten Free)

BENEFITS: A rich, nutty flavor with a toasty undertone jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Our Buckwheat Cakes are gluten free and locally made from the best non-GMO organic crops to ensure they’re both delicious and support a healthy lifestyle. Buckwheat contains more protein and antioxidants than rice. These cakes are gentler on your stomach and perfect for those with digestive issues.

Make your life easier and healthier with buckwheat snack packs ready to go whenever you need them!


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Delicious, light, crunchy, do not leave me feeling bloated!

Fiona Leigh
Convenient & Yummy!

These snack packs are so easy to take on the go. I can just throw them in my bag instead of needing to pack up snacks from larger packets. They taste great on their own when I need to eat them on the run. I love the nutty, crunchy taste rather than the squeaky, styrofoam taste of some of the corn & rice cakes on the market. I buy the snack packs to take out with me & the boxes for home.

Georgina Kraus
Fresh and crunchy

Not only do these taste great, but they are super nutritious and just so convenient. I’m hooked on these little packs.


These are so much nicer than other rice cakes. I love the little lip around edge to keep it altogether

Tatiana Kubler
Great product

It's highly convenient for me and my kids to have already organised snack where we go
I know it's would be some food for them.
Easy, no mess and tasty
I am going to buy more

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