Sprouted Luscious Lemon Spread (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Organic) 200g


A spread that tastes like lemon curd but it is actually good for you!

Organic sprouted cashews have been combined with organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup and organic cold pressed lemon oil
. Maple syrup has been used because it’s a terrific unprocessed sweetener, which is rich in anti-oxidants, zinc and manganese. The sprouted cashew nuts give this spread a delicious creamy flavor and the organic cold pressed lemon oil add a zesty lemon flavor.

  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Absolutely Delicious
  • Using Sprouted Nuts

Created by Aussie nutritionist who believes that every time we eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself.


  • I’m delicious on Buckwheat Cakes or Oat-Barley Cakes
  • Or on a sliced apple as a healthy snack
  • Or use me as a healthy icing alternative

Organic sprouted cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic coconut palm sugar, organic raw honey and organic lemon oil.

May contain: other tree nuts and peanuts from processing line


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Elizabeth Gray
Lemon and ginger spreads

Really yummy- both the lemon and the ginger spreads! Will definitely buy again. The fact they are dairy free is a bonus!

Ellie Fruitrich
Sprouted De-luscious Lemon Spread

Yum - Really is delicious !

Jacqueline Bowden
Fav hiking snack

As with all the products I’ve tried so far from this company, absolutely delicious. It has been difficult finding alternatives to grain based foods that will last out in the bush on multi-day hikes, and so this lemon spread on the buckwheat crackers really hits the spot after a long day of trekking. I put it in a sandwich bag and goes the distance, whilst being lighter to carry than the full jar. Thank you

I could eat it off a spoon

As someone who loves lemon curd but was looking for a healthy alternative I was super excited to purchase this and I absolutely love it. I’d like to be able to get it in a bigger jar!

Danielle G
Lemony goodness

If lemon butter and peanut butter had a baby, this would be it. Tastes like lemon butter with the consistency and texture of peanut butter. Very nice.

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