The Best Gluten Free Buckwheat Banana Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Make!

Banana bread is one of those treats that everyone loves. However, it’s often loaded with sugar. Plus, if you’ve got a gluten or wheat allergy, most recipes leave you high and dry.

Buckwheat flour is a better way to get that banana bread on the table in a way that everyone can share and enjoy together. That’s why we’re sharing this delicious buckwheat banana bread mix recipe that will fool everyone. Even those that aren’t keen on buckwheat or buckwheat flour will be truly amazed as this healthy ingredient tastes great and creates a wonderful banana bread that makes a treat that will delight anyone and everyone.

buckwheat banana bread

Why Use Buckwheat Flour for Banana Bread?

Wondering why buy buckwheat? It’s so incredibly nutritious and in this buckwheat banana bread mix, it won’t overpower the flavour of bananas or dry out the texture.

In fact, buckwheat is full of nutrients like fibre, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorous. Most of us aren’t getting even close to enough iron in our diets. This mineral serves to keep red blood cell production at optimum levels. Along with that, magnesium helps cardiovascular health too.

buy Australian buckwheat flour

These other nutrients help your bones, tissues, and the rest of your body thrive. If you’re getting buckwheat in the form of banana bread, that makes it a delicious way to get the vitamins and minerals your body counts on for good health.

Plus, buckwheat is a gluten-free food, even though “wheat” appears in its name. It is filled with fibre to help you keep healthy digestion and reduce your cancer risk. With antioxidants too, this superfood is one of the best to start working into your meals. And the easiest way to sneak it in? That would be by making banana bread!

How to Make a Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix with Buckwheat Flour

It couldn’t be easier to make banana bread that is gluten free with buckwheat flour. You’ll be adding in more nutrition without giving it a buckwheat taste. The recipe that follows below uses coconut sugar, a better swap over regular sugar. It’s gluten-free and dairy-free too, as long as you make sure your baking powder is a gluten-free brand.

gluten free banana bread

You’ll need:

100g buckwheat flour (3/4 cup)

90g almond flour (1 cup)

40g coconut sugar (3 Tbsp)

5g ground cinnamon (2 tsp)

8g baking powder (2 tsp)

450g large ripe bananas (quantity of 3)

100g large eggs (quantity of 2)

20g oil of your choice (2 Tbsp)

80g milk or dairy free milk (1/3 cup)

Once you have your ingredients together, here’s how to make this banana bread with buckwheat!


- Preheat your oven to 170C.

- Prepare your baking tin by greasing it or lining it with paper.

- Combine all the wet ingredients together – the mashed bananas, the lightly-beaten eggs, milk, and oil, mixing well.

- Combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl, mixing well.

- Add the dry ingredients into the bowl of wet ingredients. The batter should be a little bit thicker than pancake batter.

- Pour the batter into the tin and place into the hot oven straight away.

- Bake for 20 min, then reduce the temperature to 150C and bake for another 30 min. If the top starts getting a bit dark, cover it with aluminium foil. It is ready when it passes the dry skewer test.

- Let it cool in the form for 30 minutes before slicing.

Make It Even More Fun with Add-Ons

A great way to enhance this delicious buckwheat banana bread recipe is by adding chopped dates or lightly roasted walnuts into the batter. Better yet, chocolate chips are always a match.

Some even slice a banana in half lengthwise and put the halves on the top of the loaf. But if you like contrast with other fruits, blueberries or raspberries are marvellous when sprinkled on top.

perfect bananas for banana bread

Try the Easiest Gluten Free Banana Bread Mix Ever!

While the recipe above sure makes it easy to follow and create a gluten-free banana bread using buckwheat flour, not everyone has the time to bake from scratch. You may not even know where to buy buckwheat. Or where you can get coconut sugar.

Plus, there is one ingredient that is an even healthier way to sweeten things up…monk fruit extract. Unfortunately though, it is difficult to find it in its pure form in stores. Usually, you’ll see it mixed with fillers. But if you choose Eat To Live Buckwheat Banana Bread Mix, you’ve got the easiest way ever to make foolproof banana bread that is gluten and grain free, is sweet without added sugar, turns out most and fluffy, and sneaks in healthy ingredients while tasting so good everyone will fight over the last slice.

eat to live buckwheat banana bread mix

What makes it so great is that it features organic Australian buckwheat flour and monk fruit extract. Monk fruit extract is really so hard to find on its own which is why many people turn to coconut sugar. However, using monk fruit extract is a natural way to replace sugar without calories, sodium, fat, or carbs. In Eat To Live’s gluten free banana bread mix, you’ve got only this pure natural sweetener without any fillers. It also uses almond flour which helps keep the buckwheat flour from taking over the taste so that no one will know!

To make it using this buckwheat banana bread mix, it couldn’t be any easier. All the dry ingredients are ready to go. You’ll need to combine 3 bananas, 2 eggs, 2 Tbsp of oil, and 1/3 cup of your favourite milk (either dairy or non-dairy). Then follow the rest of the instructions for the recipe listed above. It will come out tasting like you made it from scratch.

But don’t worry…we’ll keep your secret. Add those add-ons to make it your own and be sure to share with your loved ones!

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