Buckwheat Cakes ORIGINAL (Australian made, Gluten & Grain Free)


The moment everyone has been waiting for, new Australian made Buckwheat Cakes are finally here!

Our Buckwheat Cakes used to be made in Ukraine for us. Due to the war in Ukraine, we were unable to get any stock, unfortunately. Our lovely customers have been asking about buckwheat cakes almost every single day. And we, a small Aussie business, have decided to take a big risk and set up our own manufacturing facility here in Northern NSW, Australia. It has not been easy but we are very happy with the outcome and can't wait for you to try them! They are full of goodness, freshly made,  and EXTRA crunchy!

We have stayed true to our values:

  • minimal ingredients
  • 100% gluten free
  • high quality organic buckwheat
  • healthy and delicious bread alternative
  • made with lots of care and love

INGREDIENTS: Organic Buckwheat, Sea Salt. (Gluten Free)

Experience the classic taste of Buckwheat Cakes, a buckwheat bread alternative you’re going to love. With a rich, nutty, and toasty flavour, these gluten free crackers are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that do good for your health. This original flavour is a favourite among everyone, and the flavour profile easily complements a wide array of toppings from sweet to savoury.

It's important to note though that this low calorie bread substitute has a different flavour profile than rice cakes. We have selected organic buckwheat as a main ingredient due to it being proven as one of the healthiest seeds on the planet. Full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, when you choose this buckwheat bread alternative, you can be sure you’re making a healthy choice that tastes amazing. The only other ingredient we use is sea salt.

For those needing a bread substitute, our original Buckwheat Cakes are gluten-free and non-GMO, plus they’re vegan friendly and 100% natural, ideal for giving you a delicious taste that supports your best healthy lifestyle.

Each of these gluten free crackers is low in calories and saturated fats yet packed to the gills with nutrients including complex carbs. These wholegrain foods are well known for having a higher nutritional content and providing an excellent source of fibre that will help your digestive system function optimally.

For those that are always on the go, our low calorie bread alternative is the easiest way to pack something satisfying that you can eat anywhere. Our buckwheat cakes go with everything so you can smear them with nut butters as easily as you can with cheese or hummus and pile the veggies and fruits on from there.

Four of these Buckwheat Cakes equal a bread substitute for one slice of conventional bread. And unlike that traditional bread, you’re getting far more nutrients in these crispy crunchers. You get even more in these Buckwheat Cakes than you do over rice, plus they’re gentler on your stomach, a perfect treat for anyone with digestive woes.

Learn more about Buckwheat Cakes and why they’re perfect for you!


Customer Reviews

Based on 288 reviews
Leanne Zhearer

Buckwheat Cakes ORIGINAL (Australian made, Gluten & Grain Free)

Janiene Rochelle
Buckwheat cakes

These buckwheat cakes are great. We love them but finding them hard to get. We are finding hard to get them. I did get some yesterday at Urunga.

Anne Lavery
Buckwheat Cakes

I bought these online. They were delivered very quickly.
I love them. I even scrunch them up and eat them like cereal with milk.
They have a toasty taste and very fresh.
I’ll definitely order more.
And I’m not in the habit of writing reviews!!

Jill Short
A fabulous fine

These cakes are delicious. The indent enables you to fill them chock full of goodies. My favourite go to for lunch is a Buckwheat Cake topped with goats cheese, spinach leaves, smoked salmon and fresh tomato. To die for and so low fat and healthy.

Sandy T
Delicious & healthy

Absolutely love these buckwheat cakes with avocado and tomato, or peanut butter. Great meal or snack

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