Buckwheat has been proven to be one of the healthiest seeds available, full of the nutritious vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy, happy and fit.

Light and crunchy  Buckwheat Cakes are distinguished by their rich, lovely aroma and toasty, nutty flavor. They can easily be paired with a variety of toppings or spreads and even kids, the pickiest eaters, love them.

Our Buckwheat Cakes are gluten free and made from the best sourced ingredients to ensure they are delicious and support a healthy lifestyle. This is why we source our ingredients from non-GMO organic crops and produce 100% wholegrain cakes.

Buckwheat Cakes fit well into a wide array of diets. They are both vegan friendly and safe for people with coeliac or gluten sensitivity. These cakes are gentle on your stomach and perfect for people who suffer from digestive issues. They are also free from yeast, added oils, added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors and colours.

Our cakes are low in calories and saturated fats and have more protein than rice. They are packed full of nutrients, complex carbs and are an excellent source of fibre helping you feel fuller throughout the day and also benefiting tremendously those that are on a weight loss journey. Four of our cakes can substitute a single slice of conventional bread!

If you are a busy person, Buckwheat Cakes are one of the easiest, most convenient foods around. You can eat them as is or prepare them in minutes and be on your way. Their long shelf life also makes them an essential part of every home’s pantry.

Don't be shy, give them a try!

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