Buckwheat Cakes with PLANT OMEGAS - Chia, Flax & Hemp (Australian made, Gluten Free)

$6.50 AUD

 INGREDIENTS: Organic Buckwheat (70%), Brown Rice, Flaxseed, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sea Salt. (Gluten Free)

Locally made at our factory in South Murwillumbah, NSW.

Take your nutrition to the next level with a low calorie bread that’s full of flavour with a delightful crunch! Our Buckwheat Cakes with Plant Omegas feature chia, flax, and hemp, creating a delicious way for you to get those essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids into your meal. This buckwheat bread alternative is the best way to get these key nutrients into your meals, especially if you’re on a plant-based diet.

Chia, flax, and hemp seeds each have a unique nutritional profile. This trio of tiny super seeds is a great source of plant-based proteins, fibre, healthy fatty acids, and a variety of minerals. Those omega-3 fatty acids help maintain your hormones, hair, and skin, as well as support many other functions in your body. Omegas are an essential nutrient often found in fish, so it’s particularly important for vegans and vegetarians to have a way to get them while adhering to a plant-based diet. Like gluten free crackers but better, they feature a crisp texture while delivering a mild, nutty flavour, accentuated with a little sea salt.

We have combined this super seed trio with another super seed, buckwheat, to create an absolute bombshell of nutrients in every slice. These cakes are for anyone who wants to boost their nutrient intake without sacrificing taste. You can pile them high with sweet or savoury spreads and easily let these be your new bread substitute. Full of fibre, you’ll be satisfied, even more so than you would with conventional slices of bread.

Plus, you can eat 4 of these Buckwheat Cakes with Plant Omegas which equates to one slice of that regular bread. That means you can eat these non-GMO, vegan friendly, and 100% natural Buckwheat Cakes without a stitch of guilt and do wonders for your best health!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Sheena Higginson
Buckwheat cakes

Absolutely delicious.

Antoinette Clayton Brown

These buckwheat cakes are absolutely delicious. My second order has just arrived. They are my new favourite lunch must have.

Julie Parker
Great bread replacement

These are tasty and nutritious, and as a type 2 diabetic, better for me than bread.

Alexandra Simpson
Yummy but slow to receive

These are a delicious and healthy alternative to bread products. My only negative is that it took nearly a month to get them after I ordered and they only had to travel from Murwillumbah to Grafton. I am not sure whether I will order them online again.


Fantastic product that tastes great

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